XJTU Application Guide

1.申请准备Getting Started

(1) 阅读招生简章Check Admission Program Information

2023本科生 2023 Bachelor
2023研究生奖学金项目 2023 Postgraduate Scholarship—Type B
汉语进修生 Chinese Language Program
专业进修生 Visiting Scholar Program
校际交流生 Exchanging Students Program
2023预科生 2023 Foundation Program
中国政府奖学金商请项目 Chinese Government Scholarship—Type A


For applicants of Chinese Government Scholarship Type A program, please select“Chinese Government Scholarships-Bilateral/Great Wall/EU/AUN etc Programs-Type A”. We will evaluate application documents and issue pre-admission letter to qualified applicants. Applicants can use this pre-admission letter to submit their application to Chinese Government Scholarship agency in their country.


For applicants of Chinese Government Scholarship Type B program, please select“CSC-Type B/Siyuan University/City Govt. Scholarships”. We will evaluate application documents and further process your scholarship application.

(2) 按照招生简章中要求,准备清晰、有效的申请材料(护照、成绩单、学位证等)原件及电子版



Prepare clear and valid application documents (passport,transcript and diploma, etc. Original and scanned copy) according to the requirements in the Admission Program Information.

Please use the valid ordinary passport. To avoid any problem for your visa application for coming to China, it is suggested to submit the application with the passport which is AT LEAST valid until March 1st, 2024.

Please use professional device to scan your documents. For documents contain several pages, please merge into one document before submission. Applicant shall be responsible for all the consequences caused by unclear or unidentifiable documents.


Explore your research interest and professors (PhD Only)

(1) 查看s货叫大声点c懒烂你的sbxs博士研究生招生目录

Check XJTU Admission Program List for PhD

Program List for PhD

(2) 查找自己希望申请的学院与专业

Search for the school and major you want to apply from the program list.

(3) 目录中已标明每个专业是否需要导师接收函,确定自己申请的专业是否需要

Confirm if your major requires professor’s acceptance letter,requirements of each major are listed in the program list.


Click school name, professor’s name or “click here for professor information” and find out.




Click here to download the format of acceptance letter.



3.立申请账户Create Application Account



Log in XJTU online application system, create application account. Take note of your application Email、account and password.

Online application system:http://isso.xjtu.edu.cn/recruit/login

4.完成在线申请Complete Online Application

(1) 请按照网申系统使用指南,填写申请信息

Fill in application information according to the Application System Guide.

Application System Guide

(2) 按照申请材料类别(护照、成绩单、学位证等),上传至申请系统相应栏目中

Upload application documents to the corresponding column in application system (passport, transcript, diploma, etc.)

(3) 在你收到的系统通知缴费截止日期前,支付报名费

Pay application fee before the deadline sent by system notice

5.关注后续信息Check for Further Update


Your application account and email may receive notes including submitting new documents, passing 1stround of review, attending online interview, confirmation of pre-admission, paying tuition fee, etc. Please keep checking and replying notes. Applicant shall be responsible for all the consequences caused by late reply.


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